With synths that sound like a swarm of evil giant steel  wasps attacking  you from all sides and construction site-like mind numbing banging  drums, UDEK brings the world his take-no-prisioners nuclear assault SCREAMETALECTRO in full force.
If Pantera were 2011 cyberpunk club kids and ditched their guitars for sidechained chainsaw heavy leads and their drums for sequencers and a cheap laptop and had a singer like Iggy Pop on speed at a Bring Me The Horizon concert, that's what they'd sound like.


Now, who the hell is UDEK?

Not too long ago UDEK was known as Edu K, the Brasilian Baile Funk poster boy responsible for the worldwide hit "Popozuda Rock N' Roll" turned fidget overnight sensation  turned new raver  turned minimal enthusiast  turned tropical house visionaire.  But his deep punk and metal roots where always there underground, lurking in the darkness, waiting to come up again and blossom into a jungle of dark and twisted music tearing club sound systems and eardrums apart with heavy grinding malevolence:  “You can take me away from the rave but you can't take the rave away from me”, says the bonafied metal head with  a sparkle in his crazy eyes and a savage grin on his face. “Kids are tired of techno”,  states the Metal  Master Yoda “now all they wanna do is to rock hard 'til they puke and shamelessly play some air guitar in the club" and that's exactly what his hardcore ground breaking blitzkrieg provides with no mercy.

With remixes for heavy hitters like aUtOdiDakT, Pelussje, Noize Generation, Disco Trash Music, Beef Theatre and Rotze under his heavy weight champion belt and a few originals of his own, UDEK is on fire - on a rampage - ready to take the world by its balls and make it dance - or bang its head like there's no tomorrow, more like it!

With a live DJ set mixing the best of the new filthy electro generation with some screamo shenanigans on the mike UDEK is def gonna be taking over your town and your iPod by force pretty soon.
Like the man himself says "I'm not the next  salvation of rock n' roll, i'm the death of it ...so be ready, bitch" (insert evil madcap laugh here)

Get Down