Attack 1985

Attack ganz neu

Hailing from a little town in Germany, ATTACK1985 busted down the doors of the electronic scene like a fucking gatlin gun in 2010. Hes debut release, Intruder EP is released on MAKO RECORDS and got great support from fabulous Mr. Oizo and Mixhell. Hes sound is a mixture between rough basslines and glitchy beats combined with experimental sounds. And that’s the point, he say "it I’snt quite easy to create a track with this factors which is danceable", but this was the main fantasy about what the German DJ/ Producer wanted to accomplish at the beginning in 2009. If you listen to hes tracks or sets i’m quite sure you get some big Artists in mind which influenced the sound. " it’s quite boring to bring a new tune every week, only for the people to read the band name. It’s cooler to take time for your tracks and destroy the scene with some secret weapons like a sword from behind".

At the moment hes working on new tunes and the time will come for sure when the sword strikes again!

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