We’re two people with a common love for hard banging indie-electro and sweaty, all-out parties. Thomas Geyer started the Kaputtraven parties in 2008 and Andres Klein founded his label Traktor Records 2004 and his second one Mähtrasher in 2010.

Beginning of 2009 they met and joined forces to lethal effect. Their party collaboration Kaputtraven Traktor Records Edition at Rocker 33 (which was voted Top 5 of german clubs in magazines like Groove or De:Bug) became germanys place to be if you like your shit brick-hard from day one and sold out everytime since then.

In the meantime they established a new party-series for Dubstep „Kaputtdubben“ which can also be considered as the new bar for Dubstep Parties in germany.

Next step before achieving world domination as seen on Pinky and the brain was doing a Booking Agency and export the party-concept. We’re still fighting over who’s Pinky and who’s the brain though...