• Aerotronic


    "Aerotronic is top-notch techno, rave, energy and danceable music"

    Jordi Moonen and Laurens Van Steenbergen, also known as Aerotronic, met each other at the age of seven and discovered at this very young age to share the same taste of music. A couple of years later, they decided to start experimenting with dj-ing and producing, leading to developing a passion that has been growing ever since.


  • Attack 1985

    Attack ganz neu

    Hailing from a little town in Germany, ATTACK1985 busted down the doors of the electronic scene like a fucking gatlin gun in 2010. Hes debut release, Intruder EP is released on MAKO RECORDS and got great support from fabulous Mr. Oizo and Mixhell. Hes sound is a mixture between rough basslines and glitchy beats combined with experimental sounds. And that’s the point, he say "it I’snt quite easy to create a track with this factors which is danceable", but this was the main fantasy about what the German DJ/ Producer wanted to accomplish at the beginning in 2009.


  • aUtOdiDakT


    Besides producing and Dj-ing he's the chief-honcho of Traktor Records and Mähtrasher Records who both been ripping clubs in pieces with their releases lately! For example Traktor Records was placed at nr.9 in the annual label-rating 2010 of the german club charts in front of labels like Kitsune, XL or Ed Banger.



  • Beat & Bang

    Beat & Bang

    "2010 .. The year Beat & Bang arrived on the scene and started kicking ass all around. These 3 electronic souls were born for your entertainment and they know how to do so. Having shared the decks with Dr. Lektroluv, Murdock, Green Velvet, Kill Frenzy, .. and so on, they know how to start, end and get a party going! They come from the west, but get people dancing in all four directions!


  • D-R-U-N-K


    D-R-U-N-K is the solo project of the unconventional electro/techno innovator, Oly Grasset (FR), better known for his creative work, DJ, live performances and mastermind of the techno-rave duo MOTOR (CLR/Novamute/Dim Mak/Shitkatapult). D-R-U-N-K has recently performed at Dance Valley Amsterdam & Music Republic Festival, sharing stages with Erol Alkan, Dr Lektroluv, Crookers & Zombie Nation.   The D-R-U-N-K DJ set is a mix of cutting-edge techno and mad electro from labels such as Turbo, CLR, BNR, Gigolo, Lektroluv etc. 


  • Distrakt


    The typical Distrakt sound has cracked sound barriers and traveled across from Australia to knock the socks of crowds across Europe and the United States.


  • Haezer


    HAEZER originates from Cape Town, South Africa and has been producing his signature trash/electro sound since late 2008.  He began his live career at Cape Towns mega dance club, THE ASSEMBLY, opening for visiting internationals such as Steve Aoki, Gtronic, Djedjotronic and Le Castle Vania.


  • John Disco

    John Disco

    Over a decade of mixing perfection on any medium and a truckload of vinyls to choose from: This guy will make your club bump! His sets somewhere in between Electro, Fidget, Rave and House alongside acts like Boys Noize,  Jesse Rose or  T.Raumschmiere truly speak for themselves...

    After being signed to Kris Menace label Pop-Up Trash with his kLEINkARIERT project  and releasing several highly-acclaimed 12 inches, he recently teamed-up with aUtOdiDakT to form aUtODisco, taking the hearts of DJs and party-crowds by storm with their productions.


  • Konovalov


    Konovalov from the ukraine burst into the scene 2010 with his "1991" Ep which hit beatport on #6 and got support from Mustard Pimp, Dj Antention, aUtOdiDakT, Modek, Aerotronic and other tastemakers.Since then he released 2 new Eps and lots of remixes for labels like Mähtrasher, Crux, Kiez Beats and I Hate You records and just launched his new project Castel!


  • Marseille


    Marseille is a young and talented producer on my label Mako Records. I have known Marseille for a long time, and he has become a good friend of mine.
    You may have already heard his name as a remixer on my "Raven" and "Who Are You" EP's. And now, It's his time. Time to reveal the horsepower and threshing capacity of a true Russian Machine.“  
    The Proxy

    The tracks Marseille produces are variety of different genres from Minimal to Dubstep. He has no specific style, borders, or restrictions to his productions…


  • Noise Invaders

    Noise Invaders

    Noise Invaders is a duo consisting of well known Eastblock citizens Polymorphic and Marseille.
    The music of Noise Invaders is very different from the original productions and remixes of solo Polymorphic or Marseille. It’s a smooth and heavy sound, and at the same time, It’s slow motion and fast forward.
    No borders, no genre, no limits!!!
    And the only thing you will remember in the future is that the invaders have started the job and the invasion is on the way.


  • Noize Generation

    Noize Generation

    Noize Generation is the project of the 18-year-old Jewgeni Grischbowski. At the age of 2 years he moved to Germany, after he was born in the Ukraine. He discovered the passion for electronic music with 16 years. After that he immediately decided to put in all of his creativity in the production of electronic music.


  • Pola-Riot

    They didn't start the riot? Probably they did. Bringing some fresh air to Vienna’s club scene DJ/producer/promoter duo Pola-Riot has established the most unique club night in Austria’s capital hosting hotshot producers like Crookers, The Bloody Beetroots, Fake Blood, Yuksek, Foamo, Congorock, Mustard Pimp or Felix Cartal.



  • Polymorphic


    Polymorphic: real name is Oleg Kazakov, is a promising musician from Russia who shares studio rooms with The Proxy in a Moscow District based studio. Polymorphic first released his debut single ‘Toxication’ under the American label Sweet Rains Records in 2008. Later that year he appeared as a remixer on The Proxy's "Raven" EP on Turbo Recordings. Feedback for this remix of "Raven" was enormous, and many producers/DJ's prefer it to the original.


  • Rotze


    Rotze (engl. snot or pissed as a fart) are a two German guys, who make and produce music. They don't care if it's metal, punk, disco or whatever. Ok, they popably wouldn't be good as dancehall producers, maybe because of their punkrock roots?

    Rotze started producing true brutal christraping electropunk in 2009, since then it was an ongoing battle between producing and getting completely drunk. But somehow they managed to release their first track "Lowlife" on Kiezbeats Records in 2010.



  • Super Super

    Super Super

    Super Super is a duo from Stuttgart / Germany who conquered the scene by storm with their totally different style of rave business over here! Their Dj-sets literally nailed acts like Erol Alkan, Feadz, Uffie, Zombie Nation or Busy P. to the walls and now they're in it to prove that also their production-skills can compete with every big name out there...Their unique mixture of Electro-House and Tech-House combined with influences from Rave, Hip-Hop, Disco or Dutch-House is a perfect blend to set any club on fire and simply 'good on the dancefloor'!



  • The Mould

    The Mould

    The Mould – young and very talented producer from MAKO Records. He has a debut release early of 2010, and remixes on HEY TODAY! & Autodidakt. Bassssssss..... 


  • UDEK


    With synths that sound like a swarm of evil giant steel  wasps attacking  you from all sides and construction site-like mind numbing banging  drums, UDEK brings the world his take-no-prisioners nuclear assault SCREAMETALECTRO in full force.
    If Pantera were 2011 cyberpunk club kids and ditched their guitars for sidechained chainsaw heavy leads and their drums for sequencers and a cheap laptop and had a singer like Iggy Pop on speed at a Bring Me The Horizon concert, that's what they'd sound like.


    Now, who the hell is UDEK?